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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  July 28, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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is considering. many
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homeowners are opposed to t plan. they are concerned about property values, an increase in traffic and overcrowded schools. the co says those concerns are overblown and says land bei considered is already zoned additional housing. the city of san bruno is blasting state regulators tonight -- accusing them of being way too cozy with pg& the city sued to obtain 7-thousand pages of e-mails between pg&e and the state public utilities commission. they are messages exchanged in the we of the 2010 pipeline explos they include complaints froe utility, requests for help -- and even advice. all this -- as the p-u-c contemplated how much to fi pg&e for the deadly blast.
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pg&e and the puc are much t cozy - this takes it beyond coziness to out and out corruption. in a prepared statement, thc said the agency "takes seriy all allegations of bias ande violations, and will evalua" the motions by san bruno. in its own statement, pg&e : "we will review the emails involved in this matter.. a take appropriate action" if there were violations. kpix 5's phil matier joins . 1. phil-- just how cozy is e relationship between pg&e a the c-p-u-c? 2. what's next in all of this?
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ending the email with the words love you, all right? >> yeah. >> that's pretty -- to you and i that would be pretty eye opening. turns out, these two people worked together for years and one of them went to work at pge. that's how cozy it is. >> so the city wants to look at those emailses, see if there were any conversations going on by email. where does this go now? >> right into the core of how much this fine is going to be for pge. san bruno is doing its best to
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get a $2.5 billion judgment out of pge. they will be using these emails and anything else they can pit pressure on the commission. it will be interesting because they are talking about big money here and big embarrassment and big stakes. so you will be seeing these emails and anything else coming out in the next couple months that raises questions. >> i don't want to know who will pay for that. as rate payers, i guess i do know. >> reporter: yeah. it all comes back to you. >> philings thank you. a wildfire near you semie semi tee -- yosemite is just 5% contained. it has burned 2600-acres. one house is gone. parts of highway 120 east of groveland a closed. that is the main artery into yosemite. the park itself is not
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affected. meanwhile stand fire is now 65% contained i. burn 13 homes along the el dorado county line. small plumes of smoke are about all that is left of the fire. a family of 10 was packed up and ready leave as the flames approached their home. thankfully, firefighters were able to proticket. >> we had cal fire o. we were asking them. they seemed -- out. we were asking them. they seemed to visit under control. with felt safe and secure. >> full containment is expected by friday. crews will remain on scene to mop up and keep an eye on hot spots. crews say private drone got if the way of their fire fighting planes. the person controlling it was apparently trying to shoot video. he was asked to stop. learning more about a young man killed by a lightning strike over the weekend. 20-year-old nick espano.
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he was an athlete about to attend usc. reporter jeff ngyuen talked with his close friends. >> i miss him so much. >> kimberly her man has been going through pictures of her friend. the close friends had known each other since they were in grade school. they graduated from notre dame high school together, then went to junior college and p were recently accepted into usc. >> we were so excited. we went to the same orientation date. we hung out all of orientation. >> he plaid catcher on the notre dame baseball team and nick was a pimp. >> i was walking out to my -- pitcher. >> i was walking out to my best friend. >> he went into the water to rinse off when lightning struck. >> i can't imagine being there being a part of that. breaks my heart to think about it. >> at notre dame high school, nick was literally a big man on
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campus. he was well above 6 feet tall his freshman year. this is a picture of him taken when he was just 13. you can see here he is nearly as tall as his father who is standing next to him. >> he was a big kid. he was never one of those big where you looked at him and you're like oh my gosh, he will beat me up. he was a teddy bear. >> that large gentle presence is something kimberly herman won't have this fall when she starts at usc without one of her closest friends. >> i didn't think i was strong enough to continue. i will do it and dedicate it to him, for him. >> that was jeff ngyuen reporting. nick was one of 14 people struck or rattled by that lightning yesterday. one of the nine who went to the hospital, he is still in critical condition. operations of the oyster company in ma county continue to hang by a thread. owners can keep harvesting oysters until a lawsuit in
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support of the oyster farm decided. the restaurant says the company is 35 major supplier for them. california's draught may lead to more than parched communities. we may see a spike in sometimes fatal disease. kpix 5's an a tree -- andrea borba reports. >> she always wears a mask because the dirt may contain stores packed with a dangerous fungus. >> yeah. it's scary. >> the fungus causes valley fever. when air bourn and inhaled, it can lodge in the lung and cause a respiratory infection. but in some high risk patients, including african americans and philippines, the infection can turn deadly. >> leaves the lung and spreads
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to the brain, kidneys, liver, every where. >> the fungus is native too the san joaquin valley where two institutions are. since 2006, the disease killed more than three dozen inmates and prison staff hospitalizing hundreds more. infectious disease specialist warned the state for decades about the problem. >> they should never have put african americans there. >> a federal judge has know ordered california to move high risk inmates out of the central valley. there is a new growing concern. the draught. >> draught favors the growth of the fungus. >> unlike other microbes, the spores can survive in dirt without water for decades. all you need are strong winds and those spores will travel. >> it did surprise us. >> during major draught in the 70s, strong winds near bakersfield created a huge dust storm that rose 5,000 feet.
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like a tidal wave spread. sickened hundreds, killing situation. >> andrea borba kpix 5. >> the state has been order move thousands of those inmates out. however, they test the inmates first to see if they are immune. if they are, they can be safely housed at those two facilities. >> scary stuff. still ahead, plugging in a vehicle bigger than a prius. you will find out the draught is putting a damper on this celebration. we have showers and a few thunderstorms on kpix 5 high def doppler radar. not over the bay area now, but there is one rain chance to talk about 23497 day forecast. find out when it is and how big of a chance it is. that's next. ,,,,
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the burlingame -based airli filed for an initial public offering today. the companys it could raise the next testation for vir vineyards america, wall street. they filed for -- virgin airlines. the company says it could raise as much as $115 million but it did not say when it expects to ipo to happen. how many shares it will sell, and at what cost. real estate website zillow is buying san francisco based trulia. a deal is worth $3.5 billion. the two companies have chain the way people search and buy real estate. share holders must still approve the deal. the sell is expecked to close some time next year. electric car makers are dreaming bit. right now, the best sellers are plug ins. but kpix 5's len ramirez shows us some bigger electrics that are just town the road. >> the plug-in car world is getting bigger.
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and not just in popularity. super sized plug-ins including four-wheel drives are starting to get traction in this increasingly competitive market. >> there are starting to be a variety of the types of cars. sedans to crossovers. maybe plug-in trucks coming out in the next 24 months. >> this full-sized ford has its badge on the side still. but under the hood it has been replaced by a four cylinder engine that only takes over when the batteries need too recharge. it is a hybrid but not for long. we with are forging with ford and other manufacturers to get on. >> fed ex is experimenting with plug in delivery vans nationwide and could be expanding to more. they are interested in the fleet of plug-in passenger vans. this one gives power but also generates it and gives it away.
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>> you can actually run your home off this vehicle. >> outbribing through the mitsubishi's plug in. for now, all electric car are also tend to be small and light. but it may be a matter of time before they offer as many choices as gas-pow r.ed cars. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> another new trend is smart charging for electric cars. they can be programmed to determine the most efficient time to take power from the grid. the city of stockton could end up landing the deal for tesla's new massive battery factory. it is a surprise considering the car maker had basically written off the california as a possible location. it was expected to be built out of the state steve labor and tax cost. burr the la times reports
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stockton is looking more and more appealing due to its proximity to tesla's fremont plant. the facility also offers easy access to rail lines. draught is putting a damper on gold rush days in sacramento. sam shane on why city leaders say delay were forced to call it off this year. >> in just a month, old sacramento is supposed to be taken back in time for the gold rush days. the dirt city leaders dump on the street is a big problem this year because it takes a lot of water to keep the dust down and the clean up afterwards. not the best idea for a draught. >> it takes over 100,000 gallons of water. we didn't feel that would be a responsible use of water. >> so the gold rush days has been canceld this year. 100,000 people cool to
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sacramento this weekend. you think businesses would be upset about losing the foot traffic. we found mixed opinions. >> retail, most of us, it is average weekend. >> ann says big weekend like gold rush means more people come in her door to browse, but not to buy. >> because the streets are closed, our regular customers don't show up that i mean to stay away because of the event. >> the owners of american legacy, a sacramento sweets company says it will lose out on some businesses. >> it has been very successful for us. >> it turned out over the long run to be one of the better weekends as far as festivals. >> . >> hopefully by this weekend we will have a new thing we have never done before. >> that was shane reporting. some people are wondering why
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can't they coit without dirt on the roads. welsh organizers say it would change several planned activities and sort of take away from teachers vent as a whole. >> i say they try it. right? >> it is kind of a mixed message for some of the merchants. they're saying maybe we will take a year off. >> but nice weather. >> . >> reporter: sunny hot in the valley. we'll tyke water anywhere in the state of california. any water is good water when it comes to rainfall. we will see some over the next couple days. perhaps a little bit of rainfall here tomorrow morning. concord, you hit 95. good evening to you in morgan hill. el toro, your high 88. san francisco officially downtown 67. you can see the low cloud cover waiting to move in. we are talking about the high cloud moving in. that marine layer still present. the view fromfo shows it is waiting its turn. -- sfo shows it is waiting its
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turn. it has been hot. everyday hotter that were 956789 today's 95 was actually the coolest -- 95 was actually the coolest. fremont tonight 62. mountain view 63. you plano dissed throughout this morning not much the cloud -- you may have noticed throughout this morning, not much cloud cover. the ridge of high pressure that was sitting over southern arizona and southern california has moved and has opened the door once again for that tropical moisture. lots of clouds. lots of rain. 99% of that rainfall will miss us. it will be close enough we cannot say there is zero% chance of rainfall. you may see a shower tomorrow morning. no more than 10% chance,
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though. san rafael 86. teachers -- the best chance, you in pa significantty. humidity gone. tropical moisture gone by wednesday. thursday, a couple degrees cooler. setting the stage for a more comfortable weekend this upcoming weekend compared to the one we just had. the one we just had was very hot away from the water. >> we went to the beach because of your forecast. >> how was it? >> it was freezing. we almost died. >> reporter: i hope it wasn't that cold. >> we all had to wear sweaters. >> reporter: that's exactly what we're talking about. >> you want near death cold apparently in july, go to the
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beach. you want it hot, go inland. coming up, why summertime is a time for overcrowding at bay area shelters. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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a man was killed in the crosswalk at sunset bouleva one san francisco expert section could be safer for pedestrians today. a man was killed in the crosswalk at sunset boulevard in february. other pedestrians have been injured. improvements include crosswalk count downs for people trying to cross the street. turns out, shelters are often packed during the simmer months. kpix 5's mike sugerman reports this year it is worse than most years. >> this is a happy tale. it does have a sad tale to tell. okay, not sheba.
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she is the queen of penny's home. >> she is in love. >> adopt 0 0 -- adopted today, and just in time. they are at their limit. >> we always see a spike after the 4th of july. >> dogs and cat scared by all the noise run away and end up near. this year for whatever reason it is worse. >> they could be strays, surrenders. it's quite a mixed bag. >> at this location, the only dogs are on the wall as the humane society dog go to foster homes. but in other shelters, dogs are up to the roof. here, all the strays come in and are catss. >> they have long hairs, short hairs. older cats, younger cats. loot of different options. >> those cats could not be cuter. they would make somebody a perfect pet. but the sad truth is it could be their last chance for some of these cats. >> there are a lot out there. the rescue groups, the shelter,
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education. any rescue group is in the business to go out of business. >> sheba is not one of the unfortunate ones. bay area students out of luck. their college closes out from under them. how the state is helping ease the blow. - ,,,,,,,, ...we need to break up.
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the way for thousands of veterans. a new plan aims to fix the broken system of health care.. for the men a now at 6:30, help could be on the way for thousands of veterans. welcome back. i'm veronica de la cruz. >> i'm ken bastida. lawmakers have reached a bi partisan deal to reform the department of veterans affairs. thousands of vets with on secret waiting lists. cbs reporter mark albert has the details from washington. >> tens of thousands of veterans still on a va waiting list are about to get help. >> the va has caused this problem. one of the ways we can help solve it is to give veterans a choice. >> the va reform bill will allow vets who live 40 miles away from a va facility to see
6:31 pm
a private physician. open up to 27 new va facilities and give them for power to fire agencies. the bill has a $17.5 billion price tag. >> take chair another men and use those weapons and fight orientation battles, it is worth it. >> reporter: veterans groups say if congress passes the w it will make a difference. >> for those veterans who are waiting and have been reached out to, coming out of the shad dose now, immediate access to care is the most important thing for them. >> alex nicholson is with the iraq and afghanistan veterans affairs. >> there is a lot left to be done. this is basically a starting point. >> the house and senate are expected to vote before leaving on recess the end of this week. mark albert for cbs news washington. >> two other provisions deal with education. the first would expand a scholarship program to include
6:32 pm
surviving spouses of military members killed in the line of duty. the other would allow all veterans to qualify for in- state college tuition. a federal appeals court has struck down virginia's ban on same sex marriage. the three-judge panel declared it unconstitutional. the battle isn't over yet. this case could go as far azotous supreme court. governor jerry brown in mexico tonight talking immigration, trade and the environment. ed to, he signed an agreement with mexican officials to work on policies to address and reduce air pollution and greenhouse missions. he also took a dig at the decision by texas to send national guard troops to the border to deal with central american immigrant children. he says immigration overload should be seen as a humanitarian issue. a wider set of sanctions against russia. they blame the country for supplying the rebels who allegedly shot down a plane
6:33 pm
over eastern ukraine. >> when it comes to russian culpability, i think the record is clear. the russians have been directly supporting the accept ramos supporting -- separatist. they could if it so desired get them to cease and desist. >> the sanctions will target key sectors of the russian economy including finance, energy and dense. rockets reigning down once again in gaza tonight. israeli army says it is to destroy secret tunnels in the gaza strip. there were death on both sides of the israeli-gaza border. again, the israeli military says nine soldiers were killed
6:34 pm
today. as cbs reporter alex van marsh tells us, we israelis are not road distracted to stop. >> earlier, israel dropped thousands of leaflets warning palestinians of sedillo career conches sequences. >> secretary of state john kerry is asking both sides to agree to a cease fire. in an interview with cbs this morning anchor charlie rose, leader of hamas said they will not be a cease fire until israel recognizes a palestinian state. >> we will expel them. >> tunnel attacks are still a threat along the gaza border. israelis say just over there, they found and destroyed tunnel
6:35 pm
leading out. >> this 74-year-old keeps an m 16 by the door in case of military attack instruction is one of israel's main military goals. alfonso van marsh cbs news near israel. >> today, israeli forces killed someone trying to enter tunnel not far. still ahead, saving 60 bucks a month on a family cell phone plan might sound like a good idea, right? >> yeah. coming up, how it could burn mom and dad in the end. e time and money. now their college is closing. outraged students look for answers. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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colleges has suddenly close students at bryman collegesn haywar another chain of for-profit
6:38 pm
colleges has sud bly closed. studentses at -- suddenly closed. students at bryman college are shocked and worried. the nursing and technology students feel betrayed. >> a lot of people's dreams are going to be crushed and maybe they won't go back to school because of bryman. they ought to be ashamed of themselves. >> there is some good news about their money. the state has a tuition recovery fund to help bryman students get their money back. it is the second largest fine ever proposed by the paya. on our consumer -- faa. julie p watts has more. >> reporter: the faa says southwest failed to comply with safety regulations in three separate repairs on its boeing 737. the first incident involved what regulators are calling a, quote, extreme makeover of 44
6:39 pm
southwest planes where contractors didn't follow required procedures when replacing the aluminum skin. regulators say the alliance return the jets before they were in compliance. the faa also sited two other cases and says the repairs were all eventually approved. southwest says these are only proposed fines. the airline has 30 days to respond to the faa. while wireless family share plans can be a good deal, t- mobile's new too-good-to-be- true price has more. >> $100 a month. $50 cheaper than its competitor, but there is a catch. on like the others that let you split data, t-mobile allots an even 2.5 gigs to each phone. meaning your data heavy teen may gofer in the first week while mom and dad may never get close to their limit.
6:40 pm
the perk, they don't charge overage. they just throttle down the data speed when you hit your limit. from jewelry to toy tesoro person allen martinnized bobble heads, amazon has taken online 1407ing to next level launching its 3d print store today allowing customization of a variety of items made from the 3d printer. the tech giant is offering 200 objects retailing from 25 to $100. amazon doesn't actually have its own 3d printer. it contracts with companies that do. if you have a consumer problem or story idea, email consumer watch or tweet me at julie watts. >> t-mobile throttle down just that user who has gone over his 2.5? >> that wasn't clear. >> or does the whole family suffer. >> that is my assumption. they only throttle down the user. mom and dad still have their speed. don't quote me on that. could be wrong. >> mom, can i borrow your
6:41 pm
phone. >> right? >> seriously. at that point you hand your kid your are also. >> go back to the land line right? >> voila. there you go. thanks, julie. the president does it. so do pro athletes. >> coming up. why the fist bump may be healthier than other greetings. overnight lows, 60s. pretty mild. 61 napa. we will talk about how hot we will be i. has been plenty hot away from the water. 7 day forecast, coming up. i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, serena williams' secret talent is finally revealed. 49ers can't seem to catch a break. but not days for our plays of the weekend. >> that is a catch. >> peyton manning catches country fever.
6:42 pm
catch it all, coming up. nothing.
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. well, young adults have often shared apartments to cut costs, of course. burr in a growling trend, baby
6:45 pm
boom -- growing trend, baby boomers are doing it, too. makes sense. it is not just to share expenses. it is for companionship after a divorce or a spouse dies, whatever. new york, for example. applications for senior roommates has tripled in just the last six years. those popular fitness trackers can do more than record your work out. now they can also track your sleep. cbs reporter with what they are really telling us about our bodies and rest. >> it not only counts our steps and calories burned. many provide sleep steps. can you trust that data? we asked an expert.
6:46 pm
>> fitness trackers use accelerators. >> they are measuring rain indirect approximate police station of sleep through movement. in order to make these estimationsover deep or light sleep -- of deep or light sleep, they are probably using an algorithm. >> fitness trackers motivate us to goat orientation steps in. but they could help us get our zs in, too. a firm hand shake makes a good first impression, we were taught. but they could also be bad for you. turns out, one texas hospital is now replacing the hand shake
6:47 pm
with the fist bump. it's to limit the spread of bacteria. researchers recently did a study comparing the two greetings. they found hand shakes spread twice the amount of bacteria. >> when you grab somebody's hand and shake it and hold it, you're going to transmit a lot more bacteria. >> it had been a little different, especially for the older population. >> fist bumping may spread less bacteria. hospitals still recommend washing your hands frequently to kill any germs. >> what was that all about. >> or i could do this. >> oh, the elbow. we will do this instead. paul. >> reporter: you have to get the knuckles, too. >> or just do this. >> reporter: yeah. then you have bad breath and that gets to be a problem. >> just say hi from a distance. >> reporter: weather time. mother nature is bringing the
6:48 pm
distance a little closer when it comes to the tropical moisture. did you notice? our camera noticed in concord. a look from a couple hours ago. calvary temple school, you see the you have had clues moving left to right, south to north. kind of like the atmosphere is a nine-layered difficult -- dip. just a minimal chance of rainfall coming up tomorrow morning. 10% chance of a shower. livermore 82 degrees. 13degrees off your high. santa rosa down to 71. san jose 76. it is becoming and i creasingly cloudy 66 degrees in san francisco. we do have action on the radar. a few thunderstorms over the sierra that are now burning themselves out. nothing over us right now.
6:49 pm
>> it is raining in ray friday and saturday with flash flood warpings there. you saw the action on our radar here. just a little bit of that tropical moisture passes over the bay area tomorrow morning. so a 10% chance of a sprinkle or two come canning up tomorrow morning. it will be cloudier. you will notice that. i will be a little stickier,
6:50 pm
but mild. gradual cooling will occur the second half of the week. 90s again tomorrow for concord. los altos 90. san mateo 78. pleasant hill 93. daily city, 68. mill valley 65. dennis is back and he's got sports for you. woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen.
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in years at the bank of thet classic which began today..d it includes serena williamso won the tournament in 2011 d 2012. serena is the tournament's number one seed... she'll py wednesday night... venus williams plays tomorrow nig. serena is the tournament's number one seed. she will play wednesday night. now, venus plays tomorrow night. serena, it is her first tournament and public appearance since she was forced to withdraw from wimbledon with a viral illness. >> when you're in the moment you don't realize how sick you are until you kind of like step
6:54 pm
back and then you look at everything and picture everything. >> it's weird it's like, is that me. that's the fight in me, though. i'm not -- i always go, go, go. i never stop. >> she was totally going to walk off the court. i think she almost punched me. she was like walk off the court. as big sister you have to leave. i said no, it's just half the court. i can do it. >> that's what big sisters are for right in. 49ers have a backfield,
6:55 pm
too. he was 2 only runningback on the roster to gain a yard in the nfl. your can expect to see loot of the rookie in the preseason. the draft has become the biggest event of the off season for the nfl. but eagles head coach chip kelly feels we need to lower expectations for rookie and allow them time to get acclimated to the nfl. >> you guys are in the newspaper. if someone is a rookie, you guys don't start applauding and say our savior is here. it is not that big a deal. but in football, it seems to be the biggest thing in the world. >> of course. nfl. it is an old saying a player's win and a coach's loss. in nascar, it is a driver's win and a crew's loss. dale earnhardt jr.'s mom texted him. you remind me of your dad. take a bad car and do something
6:56 pm
with it. congrats. he responds, thanks mama, i think that's the best thing you have ever told me. and for the record, my cars are always good. too bad major league baseball doesn't have an annual spelling bee. it might help the folks in denver. 15,000 fans in colorado tulowitski. too bad it is misspelled. line drive off his back. hangs up long enough for the short stop to make the catch. giants' defense was we pretty lousy this weekend, unless your name is pablo. that's a fair ball. he has the leather. he has the arm. he's got the out. but, as you know, the dodgers swept the giants in their own backyard. carlos gonzales has more room to do his work. full we extension to rob walker of extra bases.
6:57 pm
not good cause walker is on my fantasy team. finally, here is something you will never see at 9er practice. ♪ yeah. i can't see colin kaepernick doing rocky mountain. >> rocky shop. >> now, manning, he played at tennessee, obviously. and that's what they did for the volunteers. >> that was back in 1998. >> who got fired in denver for that mistake on tulowitski's jersey. >> same guy who just played that song at the denver football practice. >> yeah. >> 249ers get their preseason underway next week -- the 49ers get their preseason under way next week in baltimore. >> news always on ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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